Hoo will salt my curry while I’m gone to get more coconut milk ?
Hoo will save my seat at Cafe Ost while I play twenty questions with the barista to get the WI-FI password ?
Hoo will have me chuckling in the morning L train by secretly having filled my iPod with hidden voice messages and later with a baby grin pretend they don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about ?
Hoo would do such a thing ?
Hoo will read my work and tear it apart ?
Hoo will steal my blanket and return it smelling just like ?
Hoo will come with me to Lincoln Center and be fine with Gray’s Papaya for dinner ?
Hoo will get a cat with me when I find a place in Park Slope
and abandon it for a pair of injured greyhounds who still bolt across Prospect like it’s nobody’s business ?
I mean Hoo,
I mean Hoo ?